Have you ever found a treasure, buried inside a closet of a family member, an item so beautifully worn, yet retaining its eternal charm? 


In today's throw away society it is rare to possess such an item that has acquired the time to create its own story and develop into something that is worth taking care of. By combining the finest organic characteristics and traditional workmanship, we aim to create individual classics that will age with time, collecting experiences and transforming them into unique personal pieces of style.


Our small mission begins after a decade of fashion design experience and aims to bring contrast to an industry so commonly associated with careless consumption, mass production and chasing profits. The respect for accomplished craftsmanship and timeless pieces has developed the blueprint for the brand, with a vision for pure and simple, yet practical design. 


As our collection is beyond the transition of fashion, it will gradually expand over time with the addition of new lines. Currently available to purchase online and in selected boutiques.